Responding to Ko Murobushi #4 Fanny Sage

Fanny Sage┃ファニー・セージ

リヨン国立高等音楽・舞踊学校にてコンテンポラリーダンス、バレエ、演劇、ミュージカルトレーニング、アナトミー、ダンスヒストリーなどを修める。2012年に Abou LagraaのCompagnie LaBARAKAに参加し世界ツアーを行うなど数多くの振付家の元で精力的な活動を行う。同時に、数多くのショートフィルムやルイ・ヴィトン、シャネル等のコマーシャルフィルムに出演するなど幅広い活動を展開している。2015年、室伏鴻振付作品「真夜中のニジンスキー」のダンサー。

This project on Ko's memory is a wonderful opportunity to create in this borrowing that he left behind. I have a lot of thoughts about him and everything he brought me. Things still resonate in me. I think Ko stays with us all. I assume that everything is energy. Create a space in time to leave a trace ... and this movement is infinite ... dance is a construction of ephemeral movement that leaves a trace in space and a timing. What touched me in what else Ko teaches in his work is the importance of the incarnation of each movement ... and it is through this that develops "emotion". The bottom and the form are therefore in perpetual creation and communication. In my creative needs I often try to connect the inside and the outside. This trip brings me to work on this principle between the bottom and the form to communicate the feelings that animates me. Dance is therefore a vital need. It is this energy that I will like to share when I come to Japan. F.
Thu May 10, 2018
8:00 PM - 9:00 PM JST
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足立区千住仲町49−11 Japan
Responding to Ko Murobushi